Friday, June 12, 2015

Course: Leadership Education for Teens

with Ian Cox

About this Course
When you fall in love with learning, something magical happens in your education. Not only is learning more fun, it also becomes more meaningful, more effective, and even easier! When you have a mentor who loves not only teaching but learning itself—a mentor who’s dedicated to helping you find your inner genius and connect you with your purpose in life—learning to love learning is practically a given.

Ian Cox is just such a mentor. In this class, he will share some of the greatest success stories from history and some of the most important things that made all the difference in their victories, all the while helping students see themselves in what they learn and read. 
The power of a mentor-guided study of the greats is quite possibly unparalleled in terms of actually equipping students with the foundation of a lifelong love affair with learning, and the tools and principles requisite to a truly superb education and a highly successful career in any field.

Ian’s passion for learning can’t help but rub off on anyone who gets around him, so jump in and let’s get ready to rub shoulders with some of the greatest men and women in history!

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Course Reading

AThomas Jefferson Education for Teens by Oliver DeMille and Shannon Brooks

“The Inner Ring” by C.S. Lewis

“A Message to Garcia” by Elbert Hubbard

“If-“ by Rudyard Kipling

“The Present Crisis” by James Russell Lowell

“A World Split Apart” by Alexander Solzhenitsyn

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